Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why People Prefer Travelling By Train

Various people have various reactions towards public transport. There are those people who love it, there are those who hate it and there are those who have no other option but to use it. If everyone had the capability of owning their own cars and driving themselves anywhere they wanted, we would have heavy traffic jams on our roads. This is where public transport becomes important. Although it may be a bit of a hassle getting good and comfortable public transport, it will save you lots of money in the long run.
The use of trains is a very common way of travelling in the UK. This is especially so for people who are travelling from London to Paris. The most common trains that are used are owned by the Eurostar Train Service. There are about 20 Eurostar trains that leave London every day heading to Paris. The good thing is that the trains take about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach their destination. These trains travel at a very high speed and still provide the comfort and ambience that is experienced in airplanes.
So, why do some people in London prefer using trains to Paris as their mode of transport?
- Many people consider travelling by train as one of the safer methods of travelling on the ground. Car or bus accidents happen on a daily basis on the roads. It is very rare to hear of train accidents. Trains undergo quite a number of checks and tests including instrument calibration tests. A train has to undergo many safety checks before it is released for service.
- Trains in London are very comfortable. One good example are the Eurostar trains. These trains are quite spacious and provide comfort for their customers. You will find that some of the trains have tables where people can work. Some of them provide power plugs to charge laptops or mobile phones. For those who can afford to pay for a first class ticket, they can have access to catering services.
- It is faster to travel by a train compared to a bus or even a car. This is because the roads have speed limits which the drivers have to adhere to. When you travel with a car or a bus, you will have to regularly slow down for various reasons including speed limit and traffic jams. When travelling by train, the speed is almost constant and there is no traffic jam on the rail track.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top European Destinations to Hit in 2012

Got some money set aside for a holiday but don't know where to go? Some of the year's most talked about destinations are easily accessible and shouldn't require you to book way in advance. Bon voyage!
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mostar is a city best known for its ancient bridge crossing the emerald green waters of Neretva River. Set in a valley, the city boasts beautiful views across the local cliffs and crags. The region's culture and history have led to a mix of architectural styles lining its tiny streets. Visitors can tour both stunning churches and mosques. Those looking for a summer holiday will be pleased to hear Mostar has the reputation of being one of Europe's sunniest cities.
Prices are low, local cuisine is tasty and wholesome and locals are very welcoming and sincere. When in Mostar, rent a car so you can explore some of the neighbouring areas that are equally stunning.
Tallinn, Estonia
It's no surprise that Tallinn's earned itself the title of "European Capital of Culture 2012". The gorgeous capital city of Estonia sits on the hilly shores of the Baltic Sea overlooking the Gulf of Finland. Its charming old town has wowed visitors for years but has only just started receiving the attention it deserves partly thanks to the arrival of low-cost airlines to its airport.
There's nothing more enjoyable than wandering along the city's quaint cobbled streets and staring into the distance from the numerous viewing platforms. Those looking to discover the local art scene absolutely must include a visit to Tallinn's iconic modern art museum or KuMu located just outside the city centre in a leafy neighbourhood near the presidential palace. Not only are the exhibitions great, but the building itself is astonishing.
You should also venture along the city's Culture Kilometre, taking in the Soviet-built Linnahall concert hall, the spine-chilling Patarei Prison and F-Hoone post-industrial cultural quarter with its excellent café that gathers the city's hippest crowds. The city is small and best enjoyed on foot. You'll find some charming boutique hotels in and around the old town.
Birmingham, UK
You probably didn't expect this did you? But Birmingham's the talk of the town these days particularly after the New York Times deemed it a must-see destination for 2012. The city's undergone excessive regeneration in the last few years and now offers visitors plenty to do for a weekend or extended city break. From excellent shopping to a vibrant art scene, Birmingham's got it all. Home to three universities and two university colleges, the UK's second city has a constant buzz and jam-packed events calendar.
The architecturally-renowned Selfridges is a must for any keen shopper, as is the Jewellery Quarter still going strong. Foodies will enjoy the Balti Triangle where you can savour some of the best and most authentic curries in the country. Other visitor attractions include the stunning Botanical Gardens, children's paradise at Cadbury World, and the Discovery-Millenium Centre that celebrates the region's contribution to modern science and innovation.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chile Travel: Vina Del Mar Information and Attractions

Viña del Mar is a beach resort located 200 miles (120 km) northwest of Santiago. It is a top Chile travel destination easily accessed from the neighboring city of Valparaiso, which is 9 kilometers distant. The subway service Merval connects the two cities; travel time is approximately 10 minutes by train.
Viña del Mar, referred to simply as Viña, was first inhabited by Spanish inhabitants early in the history of Spanish colonization. The city's name, meaning vineyard by the sea, derives from the vineyard established by a large landowner and which existed until the 19th century. In 1855, a rail line was built to connect Santiago to Valparaiso and an additional stretch completed the route to Viña del Mar. The train station became the center of urban growth in Viña, including Plaza Vergara and the first barrio, Recreo.
Other tourist attractions from the turn of 20th century include constructions built by residents who moved from Valparaiso to Viña following a huge earthquake that devastated the Valpo in 1906. The Castillo Wulff was built by a German merchant in a neo-Tudor style. Palacio Rioja, built in 1907, currently houses an environmental museum. The Casino Municipal, built in an art deco style in 1930, one of the oldest gambling establishments in South America, still remains one of the pillars of tourism to Viña in the present day. Also notable is the summer presidential palace on Cerro Castillo. At the Fronk Museum travelers will find an excellent collection of pre-Columbian artifacts as well as a larger moai, the only one on mainland Chile.
Viña is also distinguished by its rich cultural life. In February, the city hosts the International Song Festival. The festival grounds are at the amphitheater at Quinta Vergara, a large tree-lined park in the middle of the city. This music festival was first celebrated in 1960, it is among the largest, longest-running, and most important in South America. The festival involves a competition in pop and folk song as well as performances by leading Latin American artists. Viña also hosts the International Film Festival; the inaugural meeting in 1967 was the first formal gathering of Latin American filmmakers.
A principal attraction in Viña del Mar is the tranquil white sand beaches, Reñaca and Las Salinas principal among them. In Reñaca, the main beach is known as Long Beach. From the white sand, staircases climb up to residences. The beaches are busiest in the summer months of December, January, and February.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Type Of Walking Tours Are Right For You?

When you love to travel, you do so because life just isn't complete without learning and exploring the world as you alternate between activity and relaxation. One of the best ways to explore a new vacation destination is through a variety of walking tours. Even though you can plan your walking tours and excursions online, you may not get everything you want or expect when you do. A travel company that offers you a walking tour has already invested time into researching and can offer you more affordable options, especially when group rates are involved. Being able to choose the walking tours you want means you can pick the trips you enjoy instead of waiting on choosing the trips you get to take:
• Active & Adventurous. Don't be fooled-- just because the word "walking" appears in the tour title doesn't mean it's missing the levels of activity and adventurism you crave. Tours through rougher terrain can involve some hiking and climbing, and can provide opportunities to explore areas of nature that take a bit more work to get to. Tours of this nature typically inform potential participants what type of gear is needed, if the gear is available for rent and what fitness level the participant should be.
• Explore & Learn. Taking advantage of tour guides who have had the time to learn about unique areas about the places they're going to take you to is especially important. Although you can learn about most everything on the internet, your tour guide will provide you with relevant information about the places and things you see on your tour while you're standing at the site. You'll be able to ask your guide about specific things which you simply can't do when you do an internet search.
• Combination Tour. A combination tour provides you with the opportunity to walk around at the different stops on your tour, then take a bus or other mode of transportation to the next stop. This is a tour type that's ideal for someone who isn't very active and doesn't want to spend the whole day walking around.
Travel companies that specialize in walking tours often have access to places that you wouldn't be able to visit alone. Take advantage of these possibilities the next time you're planning your vacation so you can get a lot more out of the time you spend there. When you book these types of tours, you'll find it streamlines your vacation plans and leaves you more than enough time to relax and refresh your life.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Minnesota Vacation in Lake Country

Right in the heart of Minnesota you will find Lake Country, the perfect example to illustrate the state motto "Land of 10,000 Lakes." Indeed, there are lakes everywhere you look. Depressions carved out hundreds of thousands of years ago created the lakes we enjoy so much today. Filled with the sparkling "sky blues waters" of fame, the lakes are a delight to visitors who take a Minnesota vacation in Lake Country during any season of the year.
Summers are filled with swimming, fishing and hiking on the thousands of acres of public lands set aside for all to enjoy. Spring and Fall are perfect for observing the beauty of nature and the amazing migrations of birds that pass through the state. Winter offers up a totally different perspective of nature once again.
Community events are really special and are central to life in the rural small towns of Minnesota's Lake Country. There are so many different activities for locals and visitors to enjoy. Parades, art fairs, museum exhibits, festivals and markets are frequent and offer activities for every member of the family to enjoy.
The Breezy Point Minnesota area is famous for its proximity to the premier vacation area of the state. Hundreds of miles of trails, hundreds of holes of golf, hundreds of lakes, rivers and streams and hundreds of activities and events in the surrounding communities are no exaggeration.
Centrally located, the Breezy Point, Minnesota area offers a perfect location for exploring a vast array of Minnesota's many lakes, small towns and public lands. One of the largest and most popular lakes in Breezy Point is Pelican Lake, which is known for its sandy bottom and good fishing. Fishing here is a year-round option for the sports enthusiast.
Local businesses have an array of options to help you enjoy the area lakes to the fullest. You will find marinas fully equipped with rental watercraft including speed boats and water skis, pontoon boat, fishing boats, jet-skis and canoes, kayaks and inner tubes. During the winter months it is possible to rent skis and snowmobiles. Plus you can get all of the extras including sightseeing maps and bait and tackle.
In the nearby community of Pequot Lakes, bike and roller blade rentals are located near the paved Paul Bunyan trail. Winter ice skates can be rented to take advantage of frozen rinks (lakes too, if the snow isn't too deep!).
For a peek into what activities are taking place in the Breezy Point, Minnesota area any time of year, many local websites provide details about local happenings. The Explore Minnesota web site can provide information on any type of vacation interest and is a good place to find additional information about the state. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is another great place to go to get information about experiencing the great outdoors in Minnesota's bountiful natural environment.
Folks are friendly and helpful in Minnesota, always willing to give directions or assist visitors in selecting a great experience or activity from the many options found within the rural, laid-back settings of the Lake Country!