Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Infrared Saunas - Taking the Sauna Experience to the Next Level

The public is coming to realize that saunas are a great choice for upgrading the home and providing a healthy and pleasurable place to relax. The costs attributable to saunas have gone down over the years, making them an extremely affordable option for homes and businesses.
Although saunas of old offered an invigorating experience, the new infrared models are much better in so many ways.
Some reasons for choosing the packaged sauna kits of this type are:
1. Less Initial Cost - At one time saunas were built exclusively for the individual, which required the talents of various trades. Most of the work was performed on site, taking longer to complete at a higher cost.
Sauna kits are manufactured in controlled conditions by skilled technicians, which leads to better unit pricing and more quality control. Packaged units are simple to put in, most times by the homeowner, reducing installation costs.
2. Cheaper to Operate - It only takes a few minutes for infrared saunas to heat up and be ready to enjoy. The standard saunas can take over half an hour to heat, requiring more energy. Additionally, infrared sauna units can be turned off as soon as the unit is not in use and they cool down quickly.
3. More Efficient - Saunas remove toxins from the body through perspiration. Before infrared units were available, a person could expect sweat to produce only about 3% toxins with 97% water. Infrared heating produces about 20% toxins and 80% water so that more toxins leave the body in a shorter length of time.
4. More Comfortable - Temperatures that produce perspiration must be high, but infrared does not need to be so extreme. This allows the experience to be more comfortable, and temperatures can be controlled much more efficiently than with other heating forms used in saunas.
5. Easy Installation and Portability - Almost anyone can install the infrared sauna and it only takes about 30 minutes. Because most of the work is performed off site, placement and connecting the power is all the preparation necessary. Moving the unit from one place to another is not that difficult either.
Comparing the new infrared saunas to the models of the past shows there is really no comparison at all. Never has there been a better to time to consider a personal sauna than today, and the choices are many. Because of the many health benefits and their affordability, the sauna should be one of the most natural choices to make for your home.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where to Stop on a Road Trip Around Geneva

Going on a road trip with your friends or family is one of the best ways to spend a holiday, giving you the chance to head out on the open road and take in as many sights as possible. Australia and the USA are perhaps two of the best known locations for a road trip, but you can have just as good a time if you hire a car in Europe.
Geneva, in particular, is a great destination for cruising around, as there are so many different attractions to explore in the Swiss city.
Fancy finding out where to take your vehicle after you've picked up your car hire in Geneva? Of course you do! In which case, read our tips on where you should visit during a stay.
Lake Geneva
This is perhaps the city's most famous landmarks and, once you park your car near to the lake, you'll understand why.
Lake Geneva is one of the largest bodies of water in Europe so you can be certain to find an impressive sight when you get here. Drive down to the harbour to take a look at the stylish yachts bobbing on the water and walk along the clean promenades.
This is also an ideal place to bring your camera so you can grab some photos of the tall spout of water coming from the lake's fountain. The plume can reach 140 m in the air, so make sure you take a photo when the water is at its highest!
The Paquis Baths
If you want to explore the side of Geneva that is loved by those who live there, head to the Paquis quarter. This district is known best for its cosmopolitan vibe, which has made it popular among young professionals, students, artists, creative types and families.
Head here for unique bars, charming cafes and renovated factories, with Paquis being one of the trendiest locations to visit in Geneva. It is also home to the Paquis Baths, which is a must-visit for all those travelling with children!
Opened in 1932, these baths offer swimming pools, sauna rooms and diving boards, so you can enjoy a splash around while in the city.
The Old Town
European cities are renowned for the old parts of town and Geneva is no different. These are the locations where most of the historical monuments, buildings and statues can be found and are preserved, giving the cities a quaint and charming atmosphere.
Visit the Old Town and you'll come across Place du Bourg-de-Four. This square has been an important location in Geneva since the Roman times, when it was used as a centre for trade. Since then it has been the location for housing exiled Protestants in the 16th century and, in the 1700s, the Palace of Justice was built here.
The architecture is stunning, with remnants of old buildings dating from the 1500s. In the centre of the square there is also a flowered fountain constructed in the 18th century, which will be particularly beautiful to capture on camera during the warm summer months.
This is the ideal location for walking around, as you'll discover different monuments and old buildings on your travels. However, if you're eager to head back to your car and take to the road, there are plenty of other destinations around the city for you to visit, including the suburb of Carouge and the Place Neuve, home of the Grand Theatre and the Conservatory of Music.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

South America Travel: Top Cities for Your South America Vacation

If you are looking for culture and history, look to the top cities of South America, where you can find a plethora of activities to satisfy your culture cravings during your South America vacation. Explore the many great cities from Argentina and Chile to Brazil and Peru, there is no shortage of great destinations for your South America vacation.
Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Known as "The Paris of South America" because of its European influence and a large amount of its population being of European descent, Buenos Aires is a city full of entertainment, history, and culture, a destination for any Argentina vacation. This bustling city is the cultural hub of Argentina, giving travelers plenty of opportunities to partake in some of the local traditions and festivities. Try attending one of the lively soccer matches, the city is home to 24 professional soccer teams, the highest concentration belonging to any city worldwide. Immerse yourself into the city's passion for Tango, take a lesson from some of the world's greatest dancers or attend a show at one of the many Tango houses found throughout the city. There is no shortage of cultural activities in Buenos Aires as the many districts showcase the diversity of its inhabitants, making it a great city to explore on your Argentina vacation.
Lima, Peru
Though Lima is often seen as a jump off point for Machu Picchu trips, the city itself is full of historical and cultural sites. More than a gateway for Peru travel, this up-and-coming city is constantly evolving and is considered one of the major cities of South America. The city's Plaza de Armas is a beautiful display of its past influences with a distinct colonial feel, this historical center of Lima was named an UNESCO World Heritage site, meant to be preserved for future generations. Lima also offers many lively districts each with their own unique flare, from the most visited district of Miraflores lined with restaurants to Barranco the bohemian district full of nightlife. Lima also sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, providing stunning views while strolling through the costal parks, adding to its already abundant charm.
Santiago, Chile
Home to over a third of all Chileans, the city of Santiago is lively day and night. With a beautiful backdrop of the Andean peaks and teeming with culture and history, Santiago is perfect for your trip to Chile. The wide variety of museums, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife amongst the many cultural and historical activities offered in Santiago provide travelers with endless options for their time in the city. The perfect destination to fall in love with Chilean culture, Santiago is an ideal spot for your Chile vacation.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Referred to as the "Marvelous City" Rio de Janeiro is a must-see on any Brazil vacation. This bustling city provides travelers with endless opportunities, from walking the city's many streets to relaxing on its marvelous beaches; it is the key destination for any trip to Brazil. Housing the Christ the Redeemer statue one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, there are plenty of sights for travelers to see. Visit the fabulous Copacabana beach found in the south of Rio de Janeiro providing a great place to relax during your Brazil vacation. From its popular New Year's party on the beach to its annual Carnival celebration in February, Rio de Janeiro is full of excitement throughout the year.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

School Trips to See the Amazing Geography of Iceland

Sitting well to the north of the United Kingdom, in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, is the Nordic European island nation of Iceland. Often known as the "land of the midnight sun", settlement of Iceland began in 874 A.D. when Ingólfr Arnarson became the first Nordic settler.
Iceland is a country that is both geologically and volcanically active, and, as such, it is a great place to learn about the different geological areas and concerns. Its capital city of Reykjavík is a great place to begin school trips around the country that will showcase the various elements of Icelandic geography - such as the Great Geysir, the Gullfoss Waterfall, and the Thingvellir National Park.
Great Geysir, Blue Lagoon - Research shows that the Great Geysir, in Haukadalur Valley on the slopes of Laugarfjall Hill, has been active for around 10,000 years. If students are lucky, school trips that include Geysir on the itinerary will result in them getting to see the massive water flow explode upwards into the sky. Over the years, Geysir has been recorded to erupt up to a height of 170 metres (recorded in 1845). Conversely, it has also stopped erupting for years at a time too. The frequency and power with which Geysir erupts is directly related to the seismic activity below the ground, but if the Great Geysir doesn't erupt while you are visiting, you can see the nearby Stokker Geysir erupt up to heights of 30 metres every few minutes.
Gullfoss Waterfall - The Gullfoss Waterfall is one of the visited natural attractions in Iceland - and one of the most visually stunning. It is located in the valley of the Hvítá River in the southwest of the country, and school trips to see the waterfall will be rewarded with splendid views and a roar of rushing water. It has its origin in the glacier lake Hvítávatn, and it flows down a three-step staircase of rocks before plunging down two more steps into a 32-metre ravine, giving the illusion that the water disappears into the earth. The waterfall gets its golden colour due to the amount of sediment that is carried in the glacial waters, and it often shines, burnished, in the sunlight.
Thingvellir National Park - Not only is Thingvellir National Park notable for its dramatic landscapes, but it has a rich history that dates back to around 930 A.D. The Althing was an open-air assembly held in the park, representing the whole of Iceland. It began in 930 A.D. and continued for two weeks every year until 1798. In 2004 the park and the remnants of the Althing were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. School trips to the park will take you to see the areas of continental drift between the Eurasian and North American Teutonic Plates, which collide and manifest in the cracks and faults that perforate the area. Some of these are filled with amazingly clear water where visitors toss coins for good luck.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Great British Summer Holiday Ideas

With flight prices increasing day by day, you might have to wave goodbye to the idea of a going on a foreign holiday every year. Instead of being upset though embrace the opportunity to do some local sightseeing. People have a bad habit of not exploring their own surroundings and heritage. Now is your chance to tour the UK and discover its beautiful natural scenery and cities.
Can't make up your mind about where to go? You don't have to base your decision on city VS countryside as in the UK it's easy to combine the two. You'll find sprawling fields and hilly terrains right outside many of the country's cities and towns. Here are just a few to give you a brief insight and inspire you to jump onto your preferred holiday booking site or visit your nearest travel agent.
Glasgow and Surroundings
Scotland's biggest city is thriving. With three universities Glasgow's home to a vibrant student community that gives it a healthy buzz, great shopping and excellent nightlife. Lots of money has been invested in regenerating the ex-industrial city that now boasts world class visitor attractions like the Riverside Museum and Centre for Contemporary Arts. Tourists also enjoy exploring the traditional sights of Glasgow Cathedral, the world renowned Burrell Collection, Kelvingrove Museum and the West End of the city.
A short drive away you'll find destinations like Loch Lomond and Stirling. The Loch is a stunning example of Scotland's natural wonders and features sprawling 360 degree views across the Trossach mountain range. Stirling is an ancient city steeped in history with its very own castle and the famous Wallace Monument. A day spent exploring its quaint old town is a day well spent.
Bath and Somerset
The historic spa town of Bath provides an excellent look back in time. Visitors can enjoy the sights on foot as the city centre is compact and boasts many attractions. A must-see for anyone touring the town is the old Roman spa complex where you can no longer bathe but you can still soak up the atmosphere and whet your whistle with a drop of fresh mineral water. For those looking to indulge in spa treatments, Thermae Spa offers the only natural thermal spa in the UK where you can bathe in real mineral water while overlooking the city.
Surrounding areas in Somerset are home to an array of seaside retreats and quaint villages. Among the attractions on offer are Sheppy's Cider Farm and Museum, the American Museum in Britain and Fleet Air Arm Museum where visitors can board a Concorde.
Leeds and Yorkshire
Leeds is an exciting place to be. It's one of the UK's most multicultural cities, a fact that it celebrates with the annual Planet Leeds festival. Day to day this means you can enjoy some of the best international cuisine in Britain and buy fresh goods from around the world.
Visitor attractions in the city include the Royal Armouries Museum and shopping at Victoria Quarter, a stunning old arcade.
Outside the city, the Yorkshire Moors sprawl for miles around. The local scenery inspired the Bronte sisters so do you even need another reason to go? You can visit the dedicated museum in Hawort in the West Yorkshire Pennines. Check yourself into a hotel in Leeds and explore the area by car. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Exploring the Heritage of Marrakech

Located in the central part of the North African country of Morocco, Marrakech is the fourth largest city in the country. It is filled with a history that dates back to its founding in 1062 by Sultan Youssef ben Tachfine.
School trips to Marrakech will teach eager students how this once imperial city sits at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, which is the highest mountain range in North Africa, and has a variety of flora and fauna that are indigenous to the area. While you are in the city, you can experience a huge range of history and culture and should take the time to explore the Ali Ben Youssef Mosque and the Medina of Marrakech. To relax, head to the Majorelle Garden to see some of the city's plant life.
Ali Ben Youssef Mosque - School trips to Marrakech will undoubtedly include a visit to the Ali Ben Youssef Mosque, which is the oldest mosque in the city. It was built in the 12th century, by the Almoravid Sultan Ali inb Yusuf (who ruled from 1106-1142 and expanded the city greatly), and over the subsequent centuries has been rebuilt and re-structured several times. The surviving mosque is a highlight of the Merenid style of architecture, which was brought over by the Spaniards and represents quintessential Moroccan architectural style. The Ali Ben Youssef Mosque is attached to the Ben Youssef Madrasa, which was an Islamic college that was founded during the 14th century and closed in 1960. In 1982, the site was reopened to the public as a historical site.
Medina of Marrakech - Generally known as the old, historic centre of the city, the Medina of Marrakech is an area that must not be missed by students on school trips to the city. In 1895 the Medina was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 'Outstanding Universal Value', which can be seen in the vast array of architecture, monuments, and residential buildings that date from the period of the city's founding. While in the Medina, be sure to see the Koutoubia Mosque - which is an important icon of Muslim architecture - the Kasbah, the ramparts, gates, Badiâ Palace, and the les Saâdians tomb, before you leave the Old City. Later, in the evening, stroll around the old city and soak in the atmosphere of Moroccan nightlife, and experience part of the culture of the city which has persevered throughout the centuries.
Marjorelle Garden - Designed by Frenchman Jacques Marjorelle during the 1920s and 30s, the 12-acre botanical garden located to the west of the city is a perfect place to spend an afternoon on your school trips to Marrakech. The garden has been open to the public since 1947, and since 1980 it has been owned by Yves St Laurent and Pierre Bergé. In addition to housing the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech, the Marjorelle Garden is home to 15 species of birds that are endemic to North Africa, which you may get the chance to see while visiting the gardens.