Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Infrared Saunas - Taking the Sauna Experience to the Next Level

The public is coming to realize that saunas are a great choice for upgrading the home and providing a healthy and pleasurable place to relax. The costs attributable to saunas have gone down over the years, making them an extremely affordable option for homes and businesses.
Although saunas of old offered an invigorating experience, the new infrared models are much better in so many ways.
Some reasons for choosing the packaged sauna kits of this type are:
1. Less Initial Cost - At one time saunas were built exclusively for the individual, which required the talents of various trades. Most of the work was performed on site, taking longer to complete at a higher cost.
Sauna kits are manufactured in controlled conditions by skilled technicians, which leads to better unit pricing and more quality control. Packaged units are simple to put in, most times by the homeowner, reducing installation costs.
2. Cheaper to Operate - It only takes a few minutes for infrared saunas to heat up and be ready to enjoy. The standard saunas can take over half an hour to heat, requiring more energy. Additionally, infrared sauna units can be turned off as soon as the unit is not in use and they cool down quickly.
3. More Efficient - Saunas remove toxins from the body through perspiration. Before infrared units were available, a person could expect sweat to produce only about 3% toxins with 97% water. Infrared heating produces about 20% toxins and 80% water so that more toxins leave the body in a shorter length of time.
4. More Comfortable - Temperatures that produce perspiration must be high, but infrared does not need to be so extreme. This allows the experience to be more comfortable, and temperatures can be controlled much more efficiently than with other heating forms used in saunas.
5. Easy Installation and Portability - Almost anyone can install the infrared sauna and it only takes about 30 minutes. Because most of the work is performed off site, placement and connecting the power is all the preparation necessary. Moving the unit from one place to another is not that difficult either.
Comparing the new infrared saunas to the models of the past shows there is really no comparison at all. Never has there been a better to time to consider a personal sauna than today, and the choices are many. Because of the many health benefits and their affordability, the sauna should be one of the most natural choices to make for your home.


  1. We just got our infrared sauna, and I’m excited to use it! I’ve been going to infrared sauna spas for quite some time now, and I think that purchasing a sauna for my own would be more cost-effective. All the health benefits the treatment provides already pays for the sauna itself. =)

    Neil Dalby

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