Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where to Stop on a Road Trip Around Geneva

Going on a road trip with your friends or family is one of the best ways to spend a holiday, giving you the chance to head out on the open road and take in as many sights as possible. Australia and the USA are perhaps two of the best known locations for a road trip, but you can have just as good a time if you hire a car in Europe.
Geneva, in particular, is a great destination for cruising around, as there are so many different attractions to explore in the Swiss city.
Fancy finding out where to take your vehicle after you've picked up your car hire in Geneva? Of course you do! In which case, read our tips on where you should visit during a stay.
Lake Geneva
This is perhaps the city's most famous landmarks and, once you park your car near to the lake, you'll understand why.
Lake Geneva is one of the largest bodies of water in Europe so you can be certain to find an impressive sight when you get here. Drive down to the harbour to take a look at the stylish yachts bobbing on the water and walk along the clean promenades.
This is also an ideal place to bring your camera so you can grab some photos of the tall spout of water coming from the lake's fountain. The plume can reach 140 m in the air, so make sure you take a photo when the water is at its highest!
The Paquis Baths
If you want to explore the side of Geneva that is loved by those who live there, head to the Paquis quarter. This district is known best for its cosmopolitan vibe, which has made it popular among young professionals, students, artists, creative types and families.
Head here for unique bars, charming cafes and renovated factories, with Paquis being one of the trendiest locations to visit in Geneva. It is also home to the Paquis Baths, which is a must-visit for all those travelling with children!
Opened in 1932, these baths offer swimming pools, sauna rooms and diving boards, so you can enjoy a splash around while in the city.
The Old Town
European cities are renowned for the old parts of town and Geneva is no different. These are the locations where most of the historical monuments, buildings and statues can be found and are preserved, giving the cities a quaint and charming atmosphere.
Visit the Old Town and you'll come across Place du Bourg-de-Four. This square has been an important location in Geneva since the Roman times, when it was used as a centre for trade. Since then it has been the location for housing exiled Protestants in the 16th century and, in the 1700s, the Palace of Justice was built here.
The architecture is stunning, with remnants of old buildings dating from the 1500s. In the centre of the square there is also a flowered fountain constructed in the 18th century, which will be particularly beautiful to capture on camera during the warm summer months.
This is the ideal location for walking around, as you'll discover different monuments and old buildings on your travels. However, if you're eager to head back to your car and take to the road, there are plenty of other destinations around the city for you to visit, including the suburb of Carouge and the Place Neuve, home of the Grand Theatre and the Conservatory of Music.

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