Saturday, January 21, 2012

South America Travel: Top Cities for Your South America Vacation

If you are looking for culture and history, look to the top cities of South America, where you can find a plethora of activities to satisfy your culture cravings during your South America vacation. Explore the many great cities from Argentina and Chile to Brazil and Peru, there is no shortage of great destinations for your South America vacation.
Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Known as "The Paris of South America" because of its European influence and a large amount of its population being of European descent, Buenos Aires is a city full of entertainment, history, and culture, a destination for any Argentina vacation. This bustling city is the cultural hub of Argentina, giving travelers plenty of opportunities to partake in some of the local traditions and festivities. Try attending one of the lively soccer matches, the city is home to 24 professional soccer teams, the highest concentration belonging to any city worldwide. Immerse yourself into the city's passion for Tango, take a lesson from some of the world's greatest dancers or attend a show at one of the many Tango houses found throughout the city. There is no shortage of cultural activities in Buenos Aires as the many districts showcase the diversity of its inhabitants, making it a great city to explore on your Argentina vacation.
Lima, Peru
Though Lima is often seen as a jump off point for Machu Picchu trips, the city itself is full of historical and cultural sites. More than a gateway for Peru travel, this up-and-coming city is constantly evolving and is considered one of the major cities of South America. The city's Plaza de Armas is a beautiful display of its past influences with a distinct colonial feel, this historical center of Lima was named an UNESCO World Heritage site, meant to be preserved for future generations. Lima also offers many lively districts each with their own unique flare, from the most visited district of Miraflores lined with restaurants to Barranco the bohemian district full of nightlife. Lima also sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, providing stunning views while strolling through the costal parks, adding to its already abundant charm.
Santiago, Chile
Home to over a third of all Chileans, the city of Santiago is lively day and night. With a beautiful backdrop of the Andean peaks and teeming with culture and history, Santiago is perfect for your trip to Chile. The wide variety of museums, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife amongst the many cultural and historical activities offered in Santiago provide travelers with endless options for their time in the city. The perfect destination to fall in love with Chilean culture, Santiago is an ideal spot for your Chile vacation.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Referred to as the "Marvelous City" Rio de Janeiro is a must-see on any Brazil vacation. This bustling city provides travelers with endless opportunities, from walking the city's many streets to relaxing on its marvelous beaches; it is the key destination for any trip to Brazil. Housing the Christ the Redeemer statue one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, there are plenty of sights for travelers to see. Visit the fabulous Copacabana beach found in the south of Rio de Janeiro providing a great place to relax during your Brazil vacation. From its popular New Year's party on the beach to its annual Carnival celebration in February, Rio de Janeiro is full of excitement throughout the year.


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