Monday, June 4, 2012

Rent your car from the leaders in the car rental market

Renting cars is a growing industry, and nowadays you can benefit from the prominent service without loosing a fortune. No longer reserved for out-of-town travelers, rentals are used by local drivers more frequently. Finding a reputable rental agency is necessary for a positive rental experience. All car rental companies share certain qualities that have helped them become industry leaders. These qualities may vary in degree between agencies. So here are the musthave set of feautures to help you see who is offering the outmost.
Best Practices
Good rental agencies follow industry best practices including using transparent contracts, verification of driver identification, driving record checks, and quality insurance coverage. Agencies that use deceptive or misleading practices earn bad reputations. One of the biggest complaints associated with rental agencies is the practice of including hidden fees in rental contracts. Leading rental agencies offer contracts that are transparent in terms of fees, taxes, and service requirements.
Guaranteed Price Quote
Nothing is more frustrating than getting a quote and have the rental company not honor the quote when you go to get your rental car. Many drivers simply give in to this unscrupulous practice because they are short on time or just do not want the hassle of arguing. Great companies provide quotes and honor them. If there is a reason the final price may change at the counter, you will be informed of that at the time the quote is given. You will not be surprised by your rental costs.
Diverse Fleet
Rental companies that rent sedans as well as sports cars are popular because they include vehicles in their fleet that meet the needs of various customers. Many drivers prefer SUVs even if they cost more. Drivers have different space requirements including the need to carry luggage or child restraint seats. The top companies have something for everyone.
Free Pick-Up
Catering to their customers is yet another hallmark of good rental companies. To this end, they offer free pick-up services. This means they will come to your location, usually within a 15 mile radius, to drive you to the rental company to get your rental.
Commitment to Customer Service
One more benefit, car rental companies use your feedback to make changes that improve their services. Needing your future business they are dedicated to providing you with the very best customer service. That's why theyare likely to have a quality assurance program in place.


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